The word means to yearn for a luxurious life-if further elaborated, it simply means somebody who wishes to spend his life with comfort and luxury.

This word is not commonly used and few people know its meaning.
What does it even mean to yearn? Yearning for something seems auspicious. You either yearn for something that’s out of your reach or for something that is in your grasp but you still cannot have it and for that you can only yearn.
A lover yearns for his unrequited love.

A poet yearns for successfully getting his message across on to the piece of the paper.

A pariah yearns to not to be a social outcast.

A patriarch yearns for solace in his church.

A religious man yearns for forgiveness and finally attaining the promised ‘reward’.

And a mother yearns for her child’s wellbeing.
But what can a person wants by ‘yearning for a luxurious lifestyle’?

Money? Fame? Accommodity? Independence?
No it varies from person to person.
A person steeped deep in false- consciousness can yet only yearn for so little things.
While a person who follows the gratification approach would already be content by being grateful for what he already has and will not have the want for anything.

A poor person can yearn for money to have a luxurious life whereas a person with load full of money will find himself yearning for something else – companionship for  a luxurious life.

What do you find yourself yearning for?
Feel free to drop down your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments below 😀


Author: sybaritic

My Heart Commands, My Hand Obeys.

2 thoughts on “Soliloquy.”

    1. But we have been so enstrangled up in the weaves of our Society that we can’t escape the norms unless we want ourselves to be labeled as Hermits. Or allowing ourselves to be ostracised by the society.

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